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  • Proven techniques and case studies from professionals who have delivered effective video marketing campaigns
  • A fun bunch of chaps who have an absolute passion about video marketing and want to ensure they pass that onto YOU!

Tracy Thomas

Tracy is a Hippocamp ( a sort of half horse, half fish like creature). She has worked in television production & agency marketing forever. As the founder of Happy Fish Pictures based in Soho, London, she worked with major agencies and worldwide terrestrial and satellite broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, MTV, VH1, Channel 4, Sky Sports, Discovery Channel, and many Corporate clients. Tracy’s experience is in producing high quality, effective video content & brand campaigns around a peerless content strategy. Her experience includes TV Spots, commercials, TV adverts, VOD (video on demand), website videos, landing page videos, banner videos, training videos and exhibition and events video coverage for conferences and company events – she’s bringing it home now for our Video Guru members. She likes Limes and Dennis Bergkamp.

Sean Thompson

Sean is our digital muse. He knows things that most other people cannot ever expect to know. He lives inside his computer, much like Tron, where he absorbs PPC, SEO and video marketing techniques through his frontal lobe. He works with Saucy Horse clients such as The Jockey Club, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Ltd, Volvo and a whole range of other corporates and brands who want to know how to spend money on digital advertising and get it back in spades. This is knowledge that is of immense value to our Video Guru members, and so he is invited to materialise every so often into real matter and bring his expertise to the Video Guru table. He will help you understand how to track the success of your video marketing campaigns and how to set digital marketing goals so that you can actually measure your conversions and therefore your success.

Derren Little

Derren has lived a life. He qualifies for Video Guru status by dint of the fact that he once fought a polar bear for a seal and won. He is an experienced pro, bringing both camera and editing skills to the Video Guru party, and works with marketing supremos like Nike, Apple and Barclays (Barclays?) – so he understands a thing or two about high quality delivery. That’s why he joins us at Video Marketing Guru workshops. He once climbed Mount Olympus.

Ben Heather

Ben comes from Peru. He works across a range of high end broadcast & corporate programmes, many of which you will have watched on the Telly – 8 out of 10 Cats, Top Gear, Wife Swap & Property Ladder to name but a few. He’s imaginative, efficient and the DB’s when it comes to filming and editing. Ben brings strong ideas, energy and South American enthusiasm to the Video Guru set-up – and some decent techy gadget things that our Video Guru members can learn to use and then swipe and deploy in their own video marketing adventures. He eats eels and plays League of Legends for the Peruvian National Team.

Alex Dinnin

Alex is our 2D, 3D & Motion graphics specialist. He crafts beautiful video animation like Messi crafts the perfect step-over. He has worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the broadcast TV arena over the last 15 years, including X Factor, Champions League Football and a plethora of other pretty things you see on your TV screens. He also works his magic on video sequences for websites & corporate events, so he brings the skills you need to learn if you want to add polish to your own video marketing. He practises Jenga and gets his hair done at the same salon as Mathieu Flamini.

Guest Speakers

We bring in specialists for every course who have been there, done those things, and wear the Video Guru T-shirt to prove it. This way, we ensure each workshop delivers the latest thinking and best practice to our delegates and members.

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What our clients say

Matthew Foxton-Duffy, Marketing Director, Royal Windsor Racecourse

Delighted - refreshing to see creative content & fun attitude that generates superb results for our business

Karl Smith, Managing Director, Technique Print

Loved it - our online enquiries have doubled since we started using video on our website

Hazel Edwards, Director, The Container Team

They made the process of making a promotional video for our company so easy and made me feel so relaxed that I really enjoyed making it – with awesome results

Nigel Botterill, Managing Director, The Entrepreneurs Circle

Tracy is savvy, sassy and very switched on. She really knows her stuff on Social Media and her videos are top class. She’s produced a couple of projects for me, spoken to over 300 of my customers about the power of video which was very well received – I have no hesitation in recommending her

Steve Whitmarsh, Managing Director, Run Your Fleet Ltd

The results have been outstanding - the way that Tracy and her team deliver those results set them apart from the competition. Never a dull moment – the ideas are always inventive, fun, and delivered with enthusiasm

Dr Graham Carlin, Loughborough University

Tracy delivered a first class presentation. The content and delivery style was engaging, thought provoking and simply brilliant!

Simon O’Shea, Managing Director, One Facility Ltd

Tracy is the complete professional who’s intuitive & innovative ideas around video and digital marketing has helped enhance & promote our company profile – and that’s led to live business enquiries

Adam Woods, Creative Director, A & P Productions

I’ve worked with Tracy at numerous top production houses in London, producing video and film for websites, corporate & broadcast use, and each project we’ve worked on has been a real delight – in terms of the complete 360degree understanding of our marketing needs she’s been able to assimilate instantly, the standards of service she has demanded of her creative teams, and the exacting quality of the end product. Great to work with, and fun to boot!

Barry Llewellyn, Director, Gloo Group

We worked with Saucy Horse on a number of marketing & video projects. Tracy has a fantastic array of creative and commercial skills. She has great vision and understanding of her clients’ key marketing objectives and has always delivered success. I have every confidence in recommending Tracy as the safest pair of hands to manage the most demanding marketing or video project and produce award winning results.”

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Find Out When The Next Video Guru Workshop Is Happening