What Is Video Marketing?

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Video commonly doubles the conversion rate of a web page – who’d not want that sort of improvement to their online marketing results? We’re all about showing you how you can make that happen for your business.

We focus on teaching you how to create high quality, low cost videos for your marketing online.

  • We show you the range of videos you can create for your video marketing

    From videos that have a chance of going viral, promotional videos, product demonstrations and out-of-the-box videos, as well as how-to videos and videos that you can feature on high-converting landing pages.

  • We explain the difference between HERO, HUB and HYGIENE VIDEOS 

We show you when you should be using each type in your video marketing campaigns.

  • We show you how to use your video content within your marketing strategy

We help you build your visibility, credibility and your profits, by increasing leads and conversion rates.

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Why Do Business People Love our Online Membership & our Workshops?

We make it SIMPLE – Digital marketing can be an intimidating beast. Our mission is to share our expertise and experience with our members and make it easy to understand. We show you how we achieve the results our clients love, so that you can swipe & deploy for your own business.

We give you great RESOURCES – You receive a copy of everything we talk about if you attend one of our workshops – detailed slides, links to video resources and our Video Guru handbooks that are a permanent guide that you can refer to, so you don’t have to make many notes. In addition we give you access to our Video Vault where you can access online tutorials for every aspect that your workshop covered. Happy Days!

We give you complete CHOICE – Choose how you learn to be a video marketing guru – we offer online training, one-to-one training, in-house training at your business or you can come and join a Video Guru workshop – either at a location near to you or online in our webinars in Hyper Space. Beam us up, Scotty!

Most importantly, we’re business owners like you – so we know that what floats your boat is increased Sales, and increased profit
Every single element of our online memberships, webinars and workshops focuses on how to create digital marketing campaigns with video that will deliver the results you want.